Expand Your Horizons

Travel expands your horizons and gives you the opportunity to experience unique cultures. It enriches your life, while contributing to the financial prosperity of the local communities you visit. Orbit World Travel’s expert team has a passion for travel like no other. They have experienced the extraordinary, the amazing and the remarkable, and would love to give you the opportunity to do so too!

Orbit’s trusted travel advisers specialise in high end travel, maximising the value of your trip with customised itineraries, exclusive pricing and additional perks. Gain valuable inside knowledge, such as which café or restaurant to dine at when in Rome, or which chateau in the South of France to visit. Orbit’s specialists will send you on a journey of discovery!

It’s this expertise that sets Orbit apart – you just can’t get this from a website! From the moment you engage in conversation you’ll become aware that they will listen and advise to create the perfect itinerary for you. From your very first booking, it’s Orbit’s aim to keep you as a lifelong client.

“Hi Teresa, We had a fabulous trip – thank you! You got us great seats on the flight and we loved the Langham in Hong Kong! The staff at the Langham are exceptional – so warm, welcoming, professional, accommodating. The pool is wonderful! We are looking forward to Colombo – another great trip you have planned for us.”
Rachel Tham Melbourne

Teresa Mason
Orbit  World Travel
100 Royal St, East Perth
Phone 9221 2133


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