Hold the starch

A BLOODY great rusty engine takes pride of place in the alfresco area of the Old Laundry on Angove Street, North Perth.

Apparently it was too difficult to remove so it stayed.

This trendy cafe/bar really was an old laundry, as recently as the 1990s.

But the boiler engine is the only nod to the building’s past and the the decor is smart industrial, with clean lines and smart fittings.

I was taking the kids for an outing — two student journos who probably now think the craft is all about lunching out.

I opted for the pumpkin and beetroot bruschetta ($20), sans the eggs.



Bruschetta is quite literally toast, so I was keen to try a variation on the usual tomato version. And wasn’t disappointed.

Warm cubes of beet, soft, sweet pumpkin, and a nice, sharp contrast in the goats cheese and spicy rocket. All wonderfully rounded off with a balsamic dressing.

The junior member of the trio, aged 15, turned vegetarian in protest about the way animals are farmed.

She went for the beet salad ($14), a leafy green feast, with organic beetroot, creamy goats cheese, hints of fennel and a sweet maple balsamic dressing.

“It was light, but filling and satiated my hunger, and a side of Mediterranean olives ($6) complemented the meal,” she said.


The third member of our happy band tossed up between the meat-heavy big boy breakfast ($25), but settled on the buttermilk crispy chicken ($26), minus the blue cheese dressing.

“The chicken skin was nice and crispy, with a hint of spice, leaving a lovely flavour in the mouth,” she said.

“[And] the potato and spec salad was deliciously creamy, making it feel a little naughty, but it was so moreish.”

We shared a coconut and rum trifle, with lime anglaise and burnt meringue ($10).

The flavours were sensational, the rum a subtle undertone, while the lime was the perfect antidote to the sweetness of the coconut.

And according to our meat eater, the waiter was “hot”. She’d get no arguments from this old hack.


The Old Laundry
22 Angove St, North Perth
7 days breakfast to late
6162 1105

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