Oh My Goodness!

Rich, creamy and oh so delicious, walnuts are a nutritional powerhouse, delivering a multitude of health benefits. One of the few plant sources of omega-3 fats, walnuts can reduce inflammation, an important factor in preventing the onset of chronic disease.

Enjoying just a handful a day can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, while improving brain health, weight control and men’s reproductive health. Recent research indicates that walnuts may even help fight cancer.


Deep in the fertile lands of the southwest lies Omega Premium Walnuts. Proudly WA owned and operated, Omega is dedicated to producing the highest quality nut, sought after for its taste, texture and nutritional value.

Omega Premium Walnuts has found a novel way to let consumers know about the enormous health benefits of its product. Using a real walnut on which to base the design and a special vacuum moulding technique, the company has produced 20 giant walnut shells. Come and check out the giant shells on display and sample the walnuts at IGA 2nd Avenue Mount Lawley on Friday 2 December and The Good Grocer Applecross on Saturday 10 December.

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