THEATRE star John O’Hara says he’s blessed returning to Perth to showcase his new cabaret A Very Merry Christmas this December.

O’Hara grew up in Perth, attending John Curtin College of the Arts in Fremantle as a young boy and the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

“I took drama classes to work on my acting skills but I didn’t realise I could sing until I was actually cast in a school musical,” O’Hara says.

Since graduating, he’s juggled gigs between Perth and the east coast, following the job prospects.

His career has also given him the chance to travel the world.

• John O’Hara’s back in Perth for a Christmas cabaret.

• John O’Hara’s back in Perth for a Christmas cabaret.

Being cast in Wicked allowed O’Hara to tick off his bucket list.

“I think travelling is one of the perks of the job,” he said.

“Although it is for work, I make an effort to go out and explore the places that I am blessed to be in.

“It can be glamorous but it can also be quite difficult,” he said.

“Working in another country with no access to things that you would usually have can get pretty tricky.”

O’Hara is looking forward to making his return to Perth where he can showcase the cabaret he co-wrote with a friend.

“It is nice to come home and premiere it in front of friends and family in Perth,” he said.

A Very Merry Christmas will be showcased Downstairs at The Maj from December 15 – December 17.

“We bring it back to the old-school American Christmas TV specials of the 50s where the boys are in suits and the girls are in dresses,” he said.



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