Festival of Lessons and Afrikaans Service

TRINITY Uniting Church director of music Jangoo Chapkhana promises a mix of contemporary and traditional music and readings to provide a Christmas service with a difference.

Trinity will host a Festival of Lessons and Carols on Sunday 18 December at 10am, as well as Christmas Day celebrations including an Afrikaans service at 8.30am.

Mr Chapkhana said the service will feature “an inspiring mixture of contemporary and traditional hymns” from his renowned chorale Lux et Veritas, which he wrote in 2013.

“When it comes to Christmas services, we often fall into the trap of going into auto-pilot, and we just do it because it is tradition.

“When something is presented in an unfamiliar format it makes us stop and think about the true meaning of Christmas, rather than if listening to the same music and readings,” Mr Chapkhana said.

The choral specialist will also lead the music at the Christmas Day celebrations.

“The Afrikaans and Christmas Day service will be very bright and vibrant and feature guest artist soprano Priscilla Cornelius,” he said.


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