Residents slam CEO over Stirling planning

KARRINYUP, Trigg, and Carine might secede from Stirling and join Cambridge if a group of residents follow through on the threat of initiating a Dadour proposal with the local government advisory board.

The threat was made at a special meeting of electors on Monday night, where 140 angry residents showed up to criticise the city’s planning division.

A four-storey building in Trigg which blocked neighbours’ ocean views; a four-storey nursing home in Karrinyup which avoided a bushfire assessment; and another nursing home in Carine which dodged street setback requirements have upset residents in the three suburbs.

CEO Stuart Jardine said the developments were all approved by the metropolitan north west JDAP and not the council, although Stirling did assess each one and provide a report.

“It is always concerning when residents feel aggrieved by any development decision and the city always tries to balance planning outcomes with amenity concerns when assessing applications for development,” Mr Jardine said.

“It is however important that once the assessment and consultation process has occurred in relation to a development application that residents understand that a lawful planning decision has been made.”

The electors at the meeting passed a motion of no confidence in the CEO, but councillors won’t get to consider that rebuke until the next council meeting in February 2017.


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