D-Day in Highgate

IT’S D-Day for a contentious five-storey Highgate development.

The metro central JDAP was  due to decide the fate of the 40-unit complex on Thursday December 15 (“Too high for Highgate Folk”, Voice, November 5).

At the Vincent council meeting on Tuesday, a spokesman for residents opposed to the development presented councillors with a 145-signature petition claiming it didn’t meet the usual 25 per cent landscaping requirement.

The size and scale “would dominate and remove the amenity of Wright Street” petitioners said.

Mayor John Carey says it’s “clearly too much bulk for the site and I believe this is a real test for the DAP”.

”If the DAP approves this it’ll confirm my worst fears about the DAP system, because the city has strongly objected on a number of grounds and it should be taken seriously,” Mr Carey said.

Local member Eleni Evangel agrees, earlier telling the Voice it’s “a gross over-development”.

The DAPs are widely considered “developer friendly” and are populated by three state-appointed experts and two local councillors. Despite applicant Scanlan Architects making some modifications to make it more palatable staff still have recommended the DAP knock it back.


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