Learn Italian

Learn to speak Italian at The Dante Alighieri Society

Come and learn Italian – language of romance. The Dante Alighieri Society of WA invites you be part of the learning program at the oldest and most reputable school of Italian in WA.

Dante Alighieri (1265 – 1321) was an Italian poet par excellence. He was also a prose writer, literary theorist, moral philosopher, political thinker and one of the great figures in world literature. His central work, the Divina Commedia, or Divine Comedy – is considered the greatest literary work composed in the Italian language and a masterpiece of world literature.

A group of Italian intellectuals founded the Dante Alighieri Society in 1889. The aim of the Society was to protect and foster Italian language and culture throughout the world. A branch of the Society was founded in Perth in 1954, obtaining full support and recognition by the Italian Government. Enrolments are being taken on Thursday 2nd & Friday 3rd February from 7.30pm-9pm for classes commencing 6th February 2017.

Dante Alighieri Society
Phone 9328 8840
Email info@dantewa.com.au



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