Vincent election roundup

MALCOLM BOYD is back for another crack at becoming Vincent mayor. A small business owner with an engineering degree and an MBA, Mr Boyd ran against incumbent John Carey. “I support free enterprise, initiative, and believe that government should be small, efficient, support local business and our way of life,” says Mr Boyd. He’s concerned the council is raising rates faster than inflation and wants to rein that in. He’s also got his eye on a review of “expensive, poorly-engineered traffic management and cycle paths”. He’s running for both the mayor’s job and for the vacant south ward council seat.

EMMA COLE is the other contestant for mayor and has the endorsement of John Carey who’s retiring to run for state Labor for Perth. She got on council in 2013 aiming to improve community consultation and wants to continue Vincent’s transparency reforms, along with improving pedestrian safety and expanding and improving public open space to make neighbourhoods more liveable.

FRANCES HARRISON says she’s “keen to continue the amazing work of the current local council members,” a far cry from Mr Boyd’s picture of the current mob running things over a cliff. Ms Harrison volunteers for Fringe and Perth International Film Festival and in her day job works as a human resources executive director for Main Roads. She says her HR background and financial nous will be come in handy in a councillor’s role.

JONATHAN HALLETT agrees it’s fairly smooth sailing at the current council and he wants to continue the legacy of transparency and accountability. He says the city’s open spaces are good for youngens but wants a second look at ways they could make them more accessible for Vincent’s expanding elderly population (such as dedicated seniors parking bays). A Greens party member, he wants to focus on sustainability measures (like the council using its bulk buy power to purchase solar panels and drive down power costs), more sun-safe playgrounds, and protection for local heritage.

MAI NGUYEN ran a restaurant in Vincent for seven years and wants “a real focus to support local small businesses”. She wants to put “the best parking management in place using sensor technology to police commuter parking” (one of the major problems in south ward is city workers parking all day in Vincent streets, crowding out residents or customers). More green space and food-growing verges are also on her agenda, and the Lake Street local has the backing of outgoing mayor John Carey and former mayor Alannah MacTiernan.

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