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State election March 2017: With the state election just over the horizon, the Perth Voice takes a look at some of the policy announcements affecting seniors. 

THE Liberal party is turning to film-makers to help sell a positive message about ageing.

Seniors and volunteering minister Paul Miles recently launched the Life in Pictures short film competition, to be held in partnership with the Revelation Perth International Film Festival.

“Society often values youth and beauty, while messages about ageing can focus on the negatives of getting older,” Mr Miles said.

“Research shows these negative attitudes can often lead to social isolation and have significant impacts on seniors’ health and wellbeing.  People who view their own ageing negatively also tend to live on average 7.5 years less than people with positive attitudes.

“This competition will encourage everyone, the film makers and the viewers, to stop and think about how we view getting older.  It will stimulate discussion about ageing in a positive way that values and shows respect to older people.”

The minister said the new initiative had received the endorsement of the International Federation on Ageing and World Health Organisation.

“Competition entries should highlight how older people add to WA’s communities, including their contribution to families, culture, the economy, volunteering and tourism,” Mr Miles said.

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