A great big slice of the Big Apple

WHEN it comes to food in Perth, there is nothing more on-trend right now than Instagram-ready meals.

Case in point being Mack Daddy’s New York Slice, offering massive NYC-style pies that are no doubt the type of food social media paparazzo dreams are made of.

Thankfully, visiting the Beaufort Street pizza parlour is a positive example of substance over style.


Shake the ShROOM

Our party shared four toppings spread across two 16-inch pizzas; Big Tony’s Pepperoni, The Baller, Swine and Pine, and Boom, Shake, Shake, Shake the ShROOM, along with a substantial side of buffalo wings and BYO refreshments.

This meant our $20-a-head visit resulted in five full bellies, without hitting the hip pocket too terribly.

As can be expected with a true Yankee pizza, cheese was not lacking.

In fact, the only thing about the meal that wasn’t cheesy was the attentive service, which was a pleasant surprise considering the general hustle and bustle of the dine-in-cum-take-away nature of the joint.

Be prepared though, Mack Daddy’s is not a place for swinging the elbows about, as the restaurateurs make the most of a modest space.


This is part of the charm however; you’re not going to get the joy of an authentic Lower East Side experience in a cavernous space, and it does no harm to the impression of these being some serious pizzas.

A selection of hot sauces abound for those who partake, while the westerly view of the sunset over the opposing storefronts from our window position ensured this was not about pizza in a box.

If beers and carbs are your thing, then Mack Daddy’s New York Slice will be your thing.

Best food destination

If you told this writer a decade ago that Mount Lawley would, in 2017, become one of Perth’s best food and beverage destinations, he would have guffawed.

Perhaps it was the negative connotations of an unsuccessful IT degree, married with the city’s then-antiquated public transport system as he made a daily (okay, weekly – at a push) commute to his university campus, but back then Beaufort Street didn’t seem too interesting a place.

Jump forward 10 years and the humble pizza pie is yet another great addition to the area, as old classics become new again.

As difficult as it may be though, consider limiting visits to special occasion only – for your waistline’s sake.


Mack Daddy’s New York  Slice
568 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley
9227 7290
Thurs – Sun, 11am till late
Tues – Wed, 5 – 10pm

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