Waterlands revamp sinking as cost rise

FIXING up Maylands Waterland could cost more than anticipated, with some plans coming in at double the $3 million Bayswater council had earmarked for the project.

It’s a beloved community asset popular with young families (since the shallow waters are more youngster-oriented than nearby Bayswater Waves) but it’s tired and falling apart. This will be the last season it’s open without a costly renovation.

The council’s been undertaking a lengthy consultation process, workshopping ideas with locals about rejigging the park.

But the two preferred options have rung up at almost $6 million.

Council staff say they could come up with a couple of cheapy options to keep the cost down or councillors will need to approve a bigger budget.

Whichever option’s chosen, it’ll go back out for consultation in mid-March.

Meanwhile Bayswater Waves will also need a pricey refurbishment, with just under a million set aside for works this year. The “underutilised” outdoor dive pool may be nixed to save money. It barely gets used because the diving boards that were meant to be installed were never put in because of “public liability issues,” so it only occasionally gets used for scuba training.


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