Climate forum

WA doctors, farmers, faith groups and unions have gathered together to call for immediate action on climate change from WA pollies in March’s election.

Renew WA is a new collective of 40 disparate organisations ranging from the Urban Bushland Council of WA to Catholic Earthcare to the Buddhist Council of WA.

They’re holding a forum at ECU Mt Lawley on February 9 and they’ve invited a bagfull of politicians along to answer questions. While Labor’s Bill Johnston, Chris Tallentire and Roger Cooke have said they’ll attend they’ve so far had no joy from the Liberals invited.

The 40 organisations have signed a climate consensus that says WA is “highly vulnerable to further climate change” and susceptible to extended heat-waves, increased bushfire risk, reduced rainfall and more frequent storms, including threats to our unique biodiversity, tourism and farmers.

They’re calling on candidates to support accelerating the transition to renewable energy that’ll see our grid reach 100 per cent renewables by 2030.


They want a phase-out of state subsidies, incentives and investment in the fossil fuel industry (which currently gets some pretty generous contributions from government) moving that over to renewables, along with a ban on onshore fracking operations and nuclear power.

Fiona Stanley is the keynote speaker at the forum and she says WA should be leading the charge given our economic and technical capacity and the abundance of wind, solar and wave resources: “We just need the political will do do so,” she says.

The forum’s on February 9 at ECU Mt Lawley at 6.30pm. Tickets are free but book through


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