Kenyon appeals

SEASONED Bayswater councillor Terry Kenyon is appealing his bankruptcy.

On January 16 a federal circuit court ordered Cr Kenyon’s estate be sequestrated under the Bankruptcy Act after Laval Legal sued him over unpaid legal fees.

But on January 25 judge Toni Lucev ordered a stay until the previous decision can be reviewed, with a hearing scheduled for May 18.

Last week the Voice reported Lavan was seeking $324,767 in legal fees but Cr Kenyon’s new legal rep James Eley says that figure is outdated. Cr Kenyon argued the bill was incorrect and he has referred it to the Legal Professions Complaints Committee as a potential case of overbilling. Mr Eley says the court’s since ordered the bill be slashed to roughly $95,000.

What’s now in dispute is how much Cr Kenyon has already paid and how much is still owed.

Cr Kenyon’s 23-year tenure at Bayswater council is at stake; bankrupt councillors are disqualified from holding office for three years and one day. The council’s acting CEO Carissa Bywater says the city has “sought legal advice on the effect of that order on the disqualification provisions of the Local Government Act”.


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