Late rethink for Fairday

THE annual Pride Fairday scheduled for February has been cancelled.

Pride WA announced on January 26: ”It has been decided by the committee of management to change from the February timing of Fairday and as such Fairday will not be held in February 2017.

“Pride WA would like to convey to the community our apologies for the lateness of this news … we do regret any inconvenience caused as a result.”

They’ve yet to settle on a date for the next Fairday.

“We know everyone is anxiously waiting to hear when they can come together at Fairday and celebrate the diversity in our community,” Pride WA president Andrew Barker said in the announcement.

Fairday’s traditionally been the more family-friendly counterpart to the slightly-more-raunchy Pride parade. The response from attendees at a community forum last September showed “overwhelmingly” that “Fairday is the most important event hosted by Pride WA for the LGBTIQ community and it is imperative that the event continues”.

In recent years Pride’s leadership has been experimenting with different timing of the Pride events, first splitting the Fairday from November’s main shindig back in 2014 because of unpredictable spring weather.

Some Fairdays were rained out, but now the weather’s been spiting the February events with intense heat nearly cooking stallholders and patrons.

The Pride leadership also experimented with a daytime Pride parade in 2015, but scorching weather kept numbers low. It moved back to a nighttime event in 2016 and by all accounts the numbers were healthy once again.


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