Meltham rethink urged

A GROUP of residents in Bayswater say a rezoning by Meltham train station needs a rethink because of a severe transition between high density development and surrounding sitngle-storey homes.

Instead, they say, their properties should be given a little up-zoning and the tallest buildings shrunk slightly to make the transition a little smoother.

The Meltham structure plan, prepared by planning consultants WA Planning Solutions on behalf of a land-owner, would see the low-lying post-war cottages along Whatley Crescent and Railway Parade demolished to make way for high-density retail and residential blocks up to six storeys high.

Those buildings would taper to three- and four-storey apartment blocks (R60 and R80) within a 400 metre radius of the train station, but some adjacent home-owners want the development area extended.

Novak DeJong thinks the proposed high-density is too concentrated, and wants the zoning tapered more gradually so home-owners outside the 400m radius can develop their properties and potentially bring in more residents.

“We purchased those parcels of land because it was near a train station and earmarked for rezoning,” Mr DeJong said.

“I’m not against multi-rise, in fact quite the opposite. But it’s excessive, they’re asking for six stories plus in some pockets.”

Joe Lipari, who owns a property on Toowong Street, says he was just about to sign a contract to build when he got a letter from council informing him about the structure plan.

Unhappy with the consultation process, he says the jump to six storeys is too severe, and worries traffic and noise will have too much impact on the quiet residential area.

“If this goes ahead, I’ll be looking at three- and six-storey developments across the road,” Mr Lipari said.

Paul Shanahan, chairperson of Future Bayswater, says he’s “fully supportive” of the plan, but the community should collaborate with the council to perfect it.

“We believe there should be more density, we’d like to see mixed use, and believe retail should be a part of that,” Mr Shanahan said.

The submission period has been extended until February 28.


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