Parents wary of new class plans

REVISED plans have been drawn up for new classrooms at Inglewood Primary School, but parents who lobbied for the changes are cautious about calling it a win.

The former plans for a flat, L-shaped building on the school oval were condemned for taking up too much play-space, so the new proposal adds an extra storey and squeezes the new buildings against the existing music and toilet block.

Now a modest 550sqm will be shaved from the school oval, but some parents say concerns about traffic management, building design, and community consultation still haven’t been met.

Parent Petra Del Fante said she liked IPS’ small-school feeling, and worries it will be lost when more students are squeezed in.

“It’s a good start, a first step. At least they haven’t come down with the bulldozers and started excavating,” Ms Del Fante said.

“I don’t know if it is a good compromise. To be honest I am still not happy they are going to be building on the oval, but maybe they do not have any option.”

Meanwhile, Catherine Ehrhardt thinks it’s all short-term thinking, and worries parents will deal with the same issues again in 10 years.

“My concern around it is; are they going to future-proof these buildings or are we going to face this again when they go ‘we need to fit more students in’ and try use the oval?”

“It would have been nicer to see parental involvement in the new plan, but at least there’s a new plan.”


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