Hitting a new low

GREENS party election signage has been graffitied up and down Beaufort and Oxford Street’s pavements and WA Police have been called in to find the culprit.

The #Green17 hashtag, used by Greens pollies for the impending state election, has been spraypainted onto footpaths every couple of metres in some parts of town.

Greens campaign manager Andrew Beaton says “we genuinely don’t know who did this…we don’t endorse this kind of behaviour but we could probably put it down to overly enthusiastic supporters”.

Vincent council CEO Len Kosova says “the city received a complaint about this last week and is in the process of investigating the situation with WA Police and removing the graffiti”.

The Voice asked council if the Greens would have to foot the clean-up bill.


“The Greens WA office has advised us that they were unaware of this and did not authorise or endorse any such action,” Mr Kosova says.

Greens supporters might’ve felt they had little choice but to launch a decentralised guerrilla ad campaign, given much of the rest of town is plastered in banners for the big two parties.

Perth Liberal MP Eleni Evangel’s got big signs on sites belonging to prominent supporters, including the old Michelides Tobacco Factory (demolished for an upcoming Graham Hardie project, but the site’s sat empty for two years), while Perth Labor candidate John Carey seems to have more yard signs on residential homes.

Punters on the street were divided about the graffiti, but with a slight tendency towards leniancy.

“It’s no more offensive than someone writing “no stopping”,” says Eamonn, pointing to a traffic sign stencilled on the tarmac.

“I’ve seen worse.”

But Maria says it shouldn’t be allowed: “I think it’s bad enough putting up posters and banners everywhere.”

Laura was doing a bit of window shopping with her mum Michelle and at first remarked that they hadn’t noticed the prolific stencils so perhaps it wasn’t such an effective campaign. But Michelle thinks it was probably targeted at Gen-Y voters who are invariably studying their smart phones while walking around. “Nobody looks up any more,” she said, noting that in Germany much of the signage these days is on the pavement and road.

But generally they’re ok with political graffiti: “People should be able to do wth they like — within reason,” says Laura.

“It’s not too blatant and it blends in with the bird poo.”

Michelle says it fits with the myriad small stickers and posters on walls, signs and lampposts throughout the Leederville town centre, which helps to give the centre life and vibrancy.


One response to “Hitting a new low

  1. Yeh right the greens didn’t know or endorse this that’s laughable. Everyone knows they encourage this sort of behavior and will do anything to push their agenda. And they know that the majority of Australian people are sick and tired of their constant protesting and their bigotry.

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