Water torture

FOR 35 years Mandy’s Deli owners Dina and Frank Rechichi have dreaded the rain.

The Maylands couple say they’ve been plagued by flooding since they purchased the business and have been hand-balled between the local council and Main Roads ever since.

“The water comes in through the door every time there’s a downpour,” Ms Rechichi told the Voice in exasperation.

“And when the cars and buses come past the splashing covers the front of the building and up into the awning, as well as soaking people walking past. It’s very dangerous.”

• Mandy’s Deli owner Dina Rechichi says they’ve put up with 35 years of flooding while being hand-balled between departments. Photo by Steve Grant

• Mandy’s Deli owner Dina Rechichi says they’ve put up with 35 years of flooding while being hand-balled between departments. Photo by Steve

Ms Rechichi says the rain also fills a Telstra pit outside the deli, so every time there’s a downpour her phone gets glitchy:

“I get calls coming in, but I can’t make any out,” she says.

There is a drain outside the front door on Guildford Road, but with water streaming down a short, steep, incline from Seventh Avenue, it’s unable to cope.

Problem is, Seventh Ave is Bayswater council’s responsibility, while Main Roads looks after Guildford Road.

Ms Rechichi said they have consistently blamed each other, making it impossible to resolve the issue.


Main Roads spokesman Dean Roberts says the department’s aware of the flooding, and while some resurfacing works in the next three months will help, it won’t completely fix the problem.

“Given the topography of the location, a significant amount of stormwater from Seventh Ave flows onto Guildford Road,” Mr Roberts said.

“Main Roads is continuing to liaise with the City of Bayswater regarding options to overcome the problem.”

Mr Roberts said while there had been a number of minor improvements over the years, there was no quick fix.

“A major redesign of the drainage network upstream and downstream of the site will likely be required.”

However, as part of some planned safety improvements, another bit of tinkering with the drains might help, he said.

Bayswater mayor Barry McKenna put the issue squarely in Main Roads’ court:

“This is a Main Roads WA issue which unfortunately affects our ratepayers – the roads are owned by Main Roads WA,” Mr McKenna said.

“We have contacted Main Roads WA to get an update from them.

“We do appreciate the frustration being expressed by the shop owner and will work together with Main Roads WA to find a solution to the issue.”


One response to “Water torture

  1. Water torture, Further the article in addition 971. We have been dealing with overflow flooding for the past 6 years. The water comes straight off Rowland’s st down to the back of our store. Council have been advised but nothing done. This photo shows the height the water was with last Fridays rain fall. Councils and main roads need to sort this out. We all pay huge rates for our business and expect our fair share in return. Josh Reeves Civic Maylands

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