LETTERS 25.2.17

JDAP cares
I THANK the Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) members, made up of three industry experts and our two councillors Joshua Topleberg and Matt Buckles for listening to our Precinct’s concerns on the proposed application submitted by Rosewood Care Group at 67 Cleaver Street.
It included a 421-signature petition, 40 objections, and 5 comment letters from locals clearly indicating that the size and bulk would be an imposition on our residential community and would have an enormous and lasting impact.
The proposed development certainly pushes the envelope, totally out of keeping with the local area and would leave a lasting legacy as a good example of an over-built property.
What the JDAP did acknowledge was community input requesting consideration with respect to height, “institutionalised architecture”, overshadowing, landscaping, commercial content and questioning the number (152) patients for the size of structure that were to be looked after.
The Cleaver Precinct clearly welcomes an aged care facility to exist harmoniously within the surrounding residential precinct, as noted by 60 letters of support to the proposal made up entirely of patients and their families who reside outside the precinct!  Objectors to the proposal requested more open consultation with the architectural component, seeking a “win-win” solution between the applicant and the community, requesting a showpiece statement so that the precinct on the outside can enjoy it as well as those on the inside.
Unfortunately it comes down to $$ and time and community gets a “third” on the podium, particularly when there is $15 million of Federal money at stake that Rosewood needs as part of its Not For Profit venture!
Thanks again for listening JDAP.
Alf Parolo
Chair, Cleaver Precinct

Game changer
THE soon to be completed Charles Street bus bridge and bus lane project will bring significant benefits to residents of North Perth and beyond.
The most obvious benefit will be the reduced time it will take for buses to get into and out of the CBD.
For example, the bus stops adjacent to Royal Park (on the corner of Vincent Street) will result in a journey to and from the Perth Bus Station of less than five minutes.
With some innovative thinking, this project could realise other significant benefits and be a game changer for the area along and surrounding Charles Street.
Given the short journey time to the CBD, the desirability of living and operating a business on Charles Street will increase.
There is an exciting opportunity to upgrade the street from its present car-dominated, blighted and degraded state into a world-class activity corridor.
Land use and density should be reviewed and better facilities for pedestrians and cyclists are required.
Powerlines could be placed underground and large shady trees planted.
In addition, the construction of a dedicated southbound bus lane north of Vincent Street is urgently required.
Buses that use Charles Street are often held up by traffic in peak times, which will mitigate the time saving benefits that the bus bridge will bring and therefore, the ability of bus services to attract new patrons that would otherwise drive.
Another exciting opportunity to increase the catchment and patronage of Charles Street bus services, is to encourage people to cycle to identified bus stops by providing secure bike storage facilities.
Initially, an ideal location for bike parking is the Royal Park reserve. To further reward those that ride, bus trips should be free of charge to and from this location.
It would be interesting to hear the views on this matter from candidates running for the seat of Perth in the upcoming State election.
Andrew Main
Alfonso St, North Perth

Ad mad
I RESIDE in the seat of Perth but often travel through the seat of Mt Lawley.
I have endured for eight years close-up images of the ageless face of Liberal candidate Michael Sutherland confronting me on bus stop after bus stop.
Whilst his family may think it is wonderful to travel through a family photo album every day, for me it is visual pollution.
Over in the seat of Perth, about four months ago the Liberal candidate Eleni Evangel went from little advertising to a blitz.
What I find most interesting is that she has had her party logo stripped off many of her billboards and advertisements.
An instance of many is the huge billboard on the corner of Francis and Lake Streets. Another is her advertisement in the last edition of the Perth Voice.
We could say this is smart politicking but for me, either stand with pride or don’t stand at all.
I also received from Eleni a glossy brochure which claimed she was involved in “establishing new Community Gardens” accompanied by a photo of her with a spade in her hand at the North Perth site.
My family has been involved with that project from its inception. To my knowledge Eleni turned up once, had her photo taken, never to be seen again.
Last week I received an official-looking envelope with “Important Postal Vote Information” on it.
Recipients could only conclude it was from the electoral office, but it had come from the Liberal Party and inside was a brochure for Ms Evangel and a postal voting form.
I have spent my long professional life in corporate governance at state, national and international levels.
I demand integrity and transparency from my elected officials.
I sat on the sideline and observed the City of Vincent undertake huge change under John Carey, introducing greater transparency.
I want him in state parliament applying his energy and can-do attitude to forcing similar standards of transparency on that body.
I do not ever want to read again an Auditor-General’s report lamenting the fact that as an independent statutory officer he cannot perform his role because the government will not release information (e.g. the Perth Stadium costs) under the pretext of commercial confidence.
Good governance requires full disclosure.
I am not a member, and have never been a member, of the ALP.
I am not a member of a Union.
I did not know John Carey personally, other than through his mayoral duties until I wrote to him on the November 16, 2016 and said I wanted improved standards of governance in the state parliament and would assist him to that end.
Laurie Factor
Ruby Street, North Perth
The Ed says: This letter was edited for length.

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