4.3.17 LETTERS


Promises, promises…
A FEW weeks ago your paper included an article about the Barnett government promising a $38 million dollar expansion of Mount Lawley Senior High School as a “stopgap measure” while the new Churchlands College is built (“Libs promise $38m Mt Lawley expansion,” Voice, February 4, 2017).
Liberal MPs Michael Sutherland and Peter Collier failed to mention the million dollars his administration had removed from the school’s operating budget three years ago.
That action was explained with the excuse that the money was being redistributed to other schools in the interests of equalising student funding.
At the same time, Barnett was committing to the construction of the Burswood stadium (along with other unnecessary expenses – his ‘vanity’ projects).
So, rather than increasing funding to bring some schools up to a standard, he decreased funding to bring all schools down to a standard.
His priority was building infrastructure for the AFL to make more money, rather than spending taxpayer money on school kid’s education (I wonder who’ll be getting special access to the stadium’s events in the future?)
Sutherland’s use of the term “stopgap measure” sounds like a deliberate inclusion of a useful excuse to cancel the so-called commitment after the election.
Dean Nalder has been criticising the Labor party’s financial credentials; but his party is talking about spending $38 million dollars on a “stopgap measure”.
Barnett has the gall to criticise Labor’s financial plans when he has already sent the state into record debt; a debt so bad that he wants to sell state assets to get out of it.
What a hypocrite!
I’m not a Labor voter but I definitely know who I won’t be voting for.
If Barnett wins the next election then God help us all.
Jon Mayhew

Labor springboard
JOHN Carey is the second consecutive Vincent Mayor to abandon the role and Vincent community.
Is it really ok for City of Vincent ratepayers and residents to be used for the career advancement of Labor politicians?
I think we deserve better.
Shannon Daniels
West Perth

Feminist religion?
I WONDER why Islam cannot be called a feminist religion even though it gives equal rights and freedom to the women.
Is there any other religion in the world which declares that the paradise lies at the feet of your mother? Moreover, good treatment of daughters would save parents from the burning fire of hell.
Islam gave women right to own, keep and manage their own property, the right to ask and get a divorce in case of ill treatment or abandonment from the husband, the right to remarry, the right to obtain education.
Islam mandated that the maintenance of the wife and children is the responsibility of the husband.
The last advice of Prophet Muhammad to his followers was, “Be good to women”.
The issue of child brides, female genital mutilation, veil, wife beating and oppression of women in Muslim countries is a mere result of betrayed, authoritative and misogynist custodians of Islam called “Imams”.
Unfortunately, they have the means and authority to mould the teaching to advance their misogynist agenda among illiterate and obedient followers with little or no ability to raise their concerns.
Usman Mahmood
Sandalwood Drive,
South Bowenfels, NSW

Voice love
I JUST wanted to thank you for another great year of keeping us up to date with the news.
I was upset to learn I would no longer receive your paper in my mail due to being in Dianella, however I recently discovered my fruit and veg store stocks your paper so I’m back in the loop.
Your stories are always of interest to me and I enjoy keeping in the loop of what’s happening in the different councils.
Keep up the good work and all the way for 2017.
Avid reader.
Joslin Colli
The Ed says: Thanks for the cheery welcome back to the new year, Joslin. We’ll be working harder than ever to bring you all the local news, and hopefully the economy turns the corner and we’ll come storming back into Dianella.

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