Hit the road jack

GOT the travel bug?

If you’re dreaming of downsizing and joining the grey nomads clogging up the Great Northern Highway with their caravans, this is the perfect property; it’s compact, easy care and comes with room out the front to park your Majestic Trailblazer.

A 1930s art deco gem, you’re welcomed by a small “mud room” which seems to have been added sometime later; it’s where you can store your fedora, grey fox fur or Malvern Star, or simply dump your Blundies there until you’ve got time to scrub off the red Pilbara dust.


But its front door with a stained-glass rose motif is a nice nod to the home’s heritage, which is more evident through the rest of the house and includes gorgeous, deep-brown and wide jarrah floorboards, high ceilings with ornamental roses, picture rails and a dead-set gorgeous set of stained glass doors out to the alfresco area.

The whole place has been tactfully renovated to give it a simple elegance, which would also make it perfect if you’re a professional couple focussing on your careers rather than heading for a nomad’s life. It’d be a great place to host nice, intimate dinner parties.


The kitchen’s been done up beautifully, and I suspect one of the design briefs was to add some bench space, as cooks from bygone eras apparently had the whole compact thing down pat. Perhaps its our modern fascination with gadgets, but whatever it is I’d certainly appreciate the extra room on these chocolatey jarrah benchtops. The simple white cupboards have been well chosen to complement the rounded deco features throughout the house, while a line of tiles ties the whole lot together.

There’s only two bedrooms, but they’re both of a generous size and have the beautiful floorboards through them.

And even cooler, there’s a bathroom for each. Mercifully, they also got a moderning-up during the renovations though the best bit, a great gumleaf window design, probably survived. The ‘main’ bathroom cleverly uses the available space so there’s room for a separate shower and bath, as well as a decent bit of cupboard space.


Outside there’s a small astro-turfed alfresco area for a bit of summer/spring entertaining, while the Swan River and Baigup wetlands are both within coo-ee. There’s also a bit of a view across to the Perth hills, which is great if you’re into a bit of plane spotting without having the roar directly overhead.

Great for grey nomads, perfect for aspiring professionals, this is a great bit of value in a fantastic location.


32 Stone Street, Maylands
Carlos Lehn
0416 206 736
Acton Mt Lawley
9272 2488

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