A pot of bother

THE Paddington Alehouse has been flayed by customers over its plans to host an evening with Pauline Hanson on Thursday March 9.

“Pots & Pizza With Pauline” offered pizza and the first 100 drinks on Ms Hanson’s tab.

The event attracted swift criticism as soon as it was advertised.

Hundreds of people descended on the Paddo’s Facebook page, posting they’d never go back to the Mount Hawthorn pub.


Posts were being rapidly deleted by the page’s administrator, but dozens more kept popping up.

“There goes your reputation,” online poster David Jones opined.

“We don’t need this divisive person in our community,” Franco A Lanza posted.

“Dismayed that one of my fave local pubs is supporting her.

“Unfortunately I’ll have to find a new local pub to support.

“Never setting foot in the Paddo again.”

Many others also said they’d boycott.

• As fast as the Paddo’s social media manager could delete comments, more would keep popping up. Many of these have now been scrubbed from the web.

Nick Gierisch suggested Mount Hawthorn was the wrong demographic for a Pauline pizza night.

“This doesn’t seem like a smart decision in a suburb where almond milk and ‘men’ wearing 3/4 length skin tight pants is normal,” Mr Gierisch posted.

Commenting on the tidal wave of criticism, Anthony Tran simply said “you guys are fucked, hey”.

Longtime Labor defender Frank Calabrese pointed out “providing free alcohol by a political party or candidate is in breach of the WA Electoral Act”.

But the Voice checked the Act, and One Nation would only potentially hit strife if candidates attend. Nothing prevents Ms Hanson from appearing and offering free beer and food as she’s not a candidate.

We asked the Paddo for comment but they had “no further comments about [the] event tomorrow night,” indicating it was going ahead despite the backlash.

One Nation didn’t get back to us by deadline.

The voices against massively outnumbered those supporting the PHON event.

One of the sole supporters, Dave Thompson, described the online outrage as “autistic screeching from the Leederville lefties opposing free speech because words hurt.

“I don’t agree with everything One Nation has to say but I will at least listen to their side of the argument instead of the snide elitists having a ‘muh education’ pissing contest.”


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