LETTERS 11.3.17

Hands off my school
I AM writing to you to express my concerns about the Labor Party’s plans for the school that I am currently attending, Perth Modern School.
I am a Year 8 student at Perth Modern School and I really enjoy the fact that I study there, the great teachers and friends I have made there so far, and all the academic awards I have won.
The school is really supportive and has an extremely friendly environment and I couldn’t imagine going to another high school.
I am very proud of my school’s long and vivid history and national heritage, all the great students and teachers it has had over the years, and all its old, great buildings.
I was completely shocked when I heard that the Labor Party had plans to move the school to a high rise building, effectively taking Perth Mod’s proud and treasured past away from us.
What will happen to our school when we are moved away?
Who will inherit our name, our buildings, our story?
Also, as you may already know, the school is planning to build a new multi-purpose auditorium, raising money through numerous fundraising activities, many of which I participated in.
If the school is moved, what will become of these plans?
As much as I enjoy my studies, I also cherish the moments when I run around or stretch myself on the green grass during break-time, kick a ball during sport, or read a book, or just relax and enjoy my beautiful surroundings.
I believe that we have full right to stay just as we are, keep our history, keep our name.
I want our school to continue to flourish and produce scientists, mathematicians, doctors and musicians for our country.
We are Perth Modern School, and we will act to keep it that way.
Arthur Caspelherr
Perth Modern year 8 student
Perth Modern School 

Renewable government
I AM extremely disheartened to see the Liberal Party scare campaign that Labor’s 50 per cent renewable energy target equals blackouts, higher power bills and higher household fees.
This is such an offense to the educated people of WA.
In fact, renewable energy is reliable, cheaper than coal and has no health impacts.
People and businesses both in Australia and even in the poorest countries in the world are going renewable.
The renewable energy sector will produce jobs and new infrastructure that WA desperately needs.
A government that wants to keep us in the 19th century by digging up and burning dirty polluting coal is not one I will be voting for.
Gilda Davies
Comer Street, Como

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