Baker burns Maylands Libs

LISA BAKER has further tightened Labor’s grip on Maylands, winning the seat with a giant 16 per cent swing.

With most of the votes counted at the time of going to print, 68.5 per cent were going to Labor after preferences and Liberals’ Amanda Madden lost 16 per cent on the primary vote.

The Greens’ Caroline Perks improved their primary vote, up about 5 per cent to 17, while Greg Smith led the pack amongst the microparties scoring 2.3 per cent of the vote for the Julie Matheson party for WA.

Ms Baker, who has held Maylands since 2008, was never in danger of losing her seat, but it’s moved from a marginal Labor seat with a 2.7 per cent margin to being a safe 18.5 per cent red-ribbon seat.

Meanwhile, Labor’s David Michael, a Stirling councillor, won the seat of Balcatta against incumbent Liberal Chris Hatton with 55.81 per cent of the vote.

Former Vincent mayor and Perth federal MP Alannah MacTiernan was elected to the Upper House.


One response to “Baker burns Maylands Libs

  1. Well done Greg Smith. You have worked tirelessly for the community of Maylands for a long time. Unfortunately the vote for minor parties was a casualty of the tsunami against Colin Barnett getting re-elected.

    The preference deal with One Nation and the in-fighting with The Nationals was the last straw.

    The Liberal Party’s economic credentials have been tarnished. A lot of soul searching needs to be done. The $40billion debt, $3billion deficit and the money wasted vanity projects such as Elizabeth Quay, the Perth Stadium, and new hospitals that look like hotels rather than increasing the number of beds and services for a demanding population are hard evidence that can’t be swept under the carpet. The WA Federal Liberals must take on Canberra and fight for our GST to save face from this debilitating defeat.

    Since registering in October 2016, our Party ran a consistent campaign to #scraptheDAP and to keep the GST for WA. We have lots of support for this campaign with 32 candidates contesting this election.

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