Heritage risk

THE oldest house on Cowle Street — a heritage-listed bungalow — is showing signs of neglect and is being targeted by vandals.

Match Property Group bought the 1884 house in West Perth a couple of years back along with several other properties on the street.


When the company was given approval by the Development Assessment Panel to develop the area, it was made with the condition that the house was “retained and maintained”.

Another Match-owned property at 68 Cowle Street (circa 1894), was virtually destroyed by an arsonist in 2015.

Local Andrew Main fears number 54 could follow if it’s not restored and secured.

• This 1884 house on Cowle Street in West Perth has seen better days. Photo by Steve Grant

“I am really concerned about the future of this heritage-listed property,” he wrote to Vincent heritage staff.

“What can the city do? It is not inconceivable that this place will meet the same fate as number 68 which burnt down.”

Vincent council CEO Len Kosova says: “Staff inspected the property earlier this month and have required the owner to address a number of issues by 31 March, including removal of overgrown vegetation and graffiti and repairing the perimeter fence to prevent unauthorised access to the property.”

54 Cowle Street was the earliest dwelling on the street and was once owned by market gardener Joseph Gallop, a relative of former premier Geoff Gallop.

Match did not respond to our questions.


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