LETTERS 2.4.17

Keep it clean
IN response to Ian Anderson’s misinformed, misguided and old-fashioned idea about renewable energy (“Recycling ‘facts’”, Voice, March 25, 2017).
Rather than criticising clean, renewable energy, Ian should look at the work done by Sustainable Energy at http://www.sen.asn.au.
SEN has been working with businesses and government to show that wind and solar CAN indeed provide all our energy needs (with 15 per cent biofuel as interim back-up).
Wind and solar are already, yes already, cheaper than base-load fossil fuel, so his statement about cost is actually incorrect.
I’d suggest that Ian get off Facebook and Twitter and look at the real facts.
Quoting South Australia’s recent failures shows that Ian is out-of-touch with reality and follows the usual fossil fuel (aka fossil fool) rhetoric that renewables were to blame.
This has been consistently rebuffed.
Gilda Davies
Outreach Team Leader, SEN

Hanson humility
WHILST I vehemently disagree with One Nation’s policies, I have to admire Pauline’s humility when she has made a mistake.
Her apology about the misinformation she gave on vaccinations comes to mind.
Humility coupled with the ability to admit one’s mistake is clearly missing from others in Parliament.
Scott Morrison refuses to admit his error in falsely accusing Save the Children workers on Nauru of being political activists who were inciting asylum seekers to self-harm which resulted in the Save the Children workers removal from the island.
This is despite the fact that the government has paid financial compensation to Save the Children and made a public statement of regret for Morrison’s actions.
In June last year when Peter Dutton told Australians ‘I’ve got every child out of detention’, there were, in fact 50 children being detained on Nauru with more than 300 detained in Australia.
His claim was quickly found to be false by the ABC Fact Check.
Maybe his Chief of Staff forgot to bring this misinformation to his attention.
Last year prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce and federal energy minister Josh Frydenberg repeatedly blamed power blackouts in South Australia on the failure of wind farms and the state’s high renewable energy targets.
These deliberate lies were told despite being informed by the public service within 24hours of the blackout that storm damage to the electricity distribution network was responsible.
Whilst loathing what you stand for, Pauline, our more experienced and frequently arrogant politicians could certainly benefit from a dose of your humility and honesty.
I wonder if this could make them appear more human, honest and believable and perhaps even electable.
Pamela G Leeson
Hulbert Street, South Fremantle
The Ed says: In response to the above letters, the latest report from the Australian Energy Market Operator has shown that windfarms were responsible for the blackout, but only because of human error – someone had botched the settings.

Human rights
IN 2016, hateful language and fear-mongering were prevalent in politics across the world.
The world’s most vulnerable people were the ones who suffered as world leaders turned their backs.
This and more was revealed in Amnesty International’s report on the state of the world’s human rights launched this week.
As an Australian citizen I like to think that I am part of a society that stands up as a beacon against this darkness in the world.
I was ashamed to see a list of serious human rights abuses that took place on our watch in our own country, due to our government’s policies.
The abuse of children in prisons, and the fact that Aboriginal kids are 24 times more likely to be separated from their families and communities in prison is unacceptable.
Similarly, the trauma faced by children, families, and vulnerable people in Australia’s offshore detention centres must end.
We as members of Amnesty International volunteers are proud, it seems that taking a stand for human rights right here in our country has never been more important.
We all should be working to return Australia to its position as a leader on human rights.
Protecting each and every person’s right to live a safe, fulfilling life is what our society is all about so let’s join together and make Australia a great place again.
Christa Kaltenbrunn Long
Fremantle and Melville Amnesty Group

Roe what?
A LOT is made about the deal with One Nation that the Libs made as an explanation for their loss.
My opinion is that a lot of votes went to Labor for one reason alone: Mark McGowan’s promise that Roe 8 would not go ahead if Labor won.
I don’t hear that mentioned all that often, though.
Am I the only one who didn’t hear him?
One of the first things I would do if I were Mark McGowan is to restate that promise with oomph.
How about it, Mark?
Can you?
Will you?
We are straining to hear…!
Carla van Raay
Kirby Street, Willagee

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