Perth’s a circus

THERE are plenty of life lessons to be learnt through taking risks, and where better than at a circus school, says Isobel Lyall.

The CirQuest managing director warns that wrapping kids in cotton-wool puts their physical and mental health at risk.

“[Playing] safe, but challenging, unlocks many skills,” she says.

Late last year the not-for-profit circus school moved from City Farm in East Perth to new digs in North Perth.

• CirQuest students direct traffic. Photo by Justin Tompkin-Drew

Ms Lyall founded the Fremantle circus school 20 years ago and performed with Bizicircus before heading to Europe to busk.

Back in Perth in 2007 she wanted a circus school focused on the “social” aspects of learning skills and meeting new people: “Circus changed my life for the better…and I wanted to make it more accessible to more people.”

Students and teachers will join forces for an April Fools’ performance followed by a free circus workshop at CirQuest HQ, 17 Howlett Street, North Perth, Saturday April 8, 5–8pm.


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