LETTERS 8.4.17

Forgive me, father…
RELIGIOUS organisations like the Australian Christian Lobby and more broadly the religious right have, by opposing marriage equality, crossed the line from defending Christian rights (which is wholly acceptable) to encroaching on the rights of others.
The government is complicit in this, and is making non-Christians obey religious rules.
Marriage is a legal contract that provides significant financial and legal benefits, and everyone should have access.
Good people go to church, simply assuming that the hard-earned money they put in the collection box goes to those in need.
Instead, it gets funnelled to the ACL who donated $30,000 to the Liberal National Party last year, influencing theocratic policies that affect us all. This is a scam and we’re all paying for it.
There is not one legitimate reason why some people in our society have more rights than others, it’s time to move forward.
David Evans
Federation St, Mt. Hawthorn

Modern life is rubbish
PERTH Modern is a joke.
It has become a wannabe elite school where students get in based on who you know and not what you know — an aloof bunch of snobs who really should not be considered more than anyone else.
Suck it up and do as your told or leave the school.
Up to you.
John Hughes
via perthvoiceinteractive.com

One response to “LETTERS 8.4.17

  1. John Hughes where are your facts to support your statements criticising Perth Mod? It is not a “wannabe”elite school – it IS an elite school according to its academic record. Kids get in on merit alone via the GATE test. Nobody gets to talk their way in using “connections”. Students are from all walks of life & cultures attend at Mod, and take the opportunity to extend their education and develop life long learning habits very seriously and gratefully. The Perth Modern community has every right to question and protest about the non consultative and non-evidence based decision by Labor to shut this school and put in an office building, and should not “do as its told”. Perhaps the government should invest in improving more local schools to meet the need of extension of smart kids instead of ruining Perth Mod.

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