Doggy vogue

THE Mount Hawthorn Streets and Lanes Festival is back on for Sunday May 7, and it’s reviving the ridiculously popular dog show.

It’s the third MHSLF put on by the local traders collective Mount Hawthorn Hub and a bulk of the funding is from Vincent council.

Last year 55,000 people come down to the street for food, tunes and the stalls.

And the Beaufort Street Festival may be over but Perth MP John Carey says his favourite event — the dog show — will live on, presenting the cutest and weirdest dogs Perth people have to offer.

• Mount Hawthorn locals and Perth MP John Carey love their doggies. Photo by Steve Grant

“I founded the dog show at the Beaufort Street festival, it went for six years and it was an incredibly popular feature that the community really embraced,” he says.

“People loved it.

“Inner city Perth has one of the highest rates of dog ownership — it’s incredible when you go to the local parks and see the communities based around dogs.”

He and his own doggo Chewie are back to judge it again this year. to enter your pupper.

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