LETTERS 22.4.17

Browned off with brewery
IT was inevitable that the application [for the Brown Street microbrewery] was going to be approved as it was quite clear from the beginning of the process that Perth city council was playing with loaded dice.
When we received the notification of the application we were given just 11 days to respond.
The letter was dated January 30 and our reply had to be returned to PCC by February 14.
The 30th was a Friday, so unless they delivered the letter on the same day there was no way that we had the stipulated 14 days to respond.
When the residents made their delegations at the planning meeting they had to stand. When Bright Tank Brewery made their delegation they were given chairs.
PCC could not have made it more obvious who they were supporting.
The residents were not allowed to ask questions at the meeting (public question time is at the discretion of the chairperson).
This is a pity as it would have been an opportunity for dialogue with Bright Tank.
All our concerns about the close proximity of the dwelling to people’s homes, traffic, parking, anti-social behaviour and smoking were dismissed.
We were quoted verbatim from various zoning/planning regulations and told it complied. The councillors need to get their dictionaries out and look up “empathy”.
If Bright Tank had engaged with the local community before submitting the application then they may have had a more sympathetic response from the residents.
A letterbox drop and a presentation would have been a good idea to get the locals on their side.
Instead, Bright Tank have elbowed their way onto Brown Street boldly declaring that they want to re-energise the area.
If they had spoken to the locals they would have discovered that we live in the area because it’s quiet.
If we want vibrancy then we can go to Claisebrook Cove/Royal Street.
At the planning meeting, Cr Green made a big deal about the fact that the meeting had started one minute early.
Unfortunately for Bright Tank, the local residents will be as pedantic about ensuring that Bright Tank stay within the planning restrictions.
It obvious that PCC has its own agenda and the Bright Tank application has given them the opportunity to get started; the local residents are just not part of the equation.
David Horner
Glyde Street, East Perth

Monkeying around
IF Western Australia had a real newspaper it would by now have published profiles of the State Administrative Tribunal’s three wise monkeys before whom appeared, once upon a time, the Lord Mayor of Perth.
Yours truly; & happy Easter, all.
Ron Willis
First Ave, Mt Lawley

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