Beaufort Street petition

• Matt Seabrook (second left) manages the Inglewood Night Markets and is hoping for a more pedestrian-friendly Beaufort Street. Photo by Steve Grant

THE organisers of the Inglewood night markets want to slow down cars on the Stirling stretch of Beaufort Street.

Known as Inglewood on Beaufort, the community network has started a petition calling on Stirling council to introduce a variable speed limit on the road, similar to the system used by Vincent council on its stretch of Beaufort Street.

Under the system, when there are lots of people crossing, the signs display 40kmh, and when pedestrians are sparse they return to 60kmh.

The IOB petition states “on a daily basis residents and businesses on and close [to] the stretch of Beaufort Street through the City of Stirling have to deal with speeding cars.


“This makes crossing the road, especially for children and the elderly, a risky affair.

“And far too often the sound of honking horns and screeching tires make those nearby nervous that it [might] result in the crunch of metal or worse.”

The IOB petition states the reduced speed limit in Vincent “has been an overwhelming success”.

They’ve also seen slower speeds make things nicer in their stretch of the street when the limit gets down to 40kmh, “which instantly creates a safer, more comfortable environment for those enjoying a bite to eat, live music or a browse of the many fantastic shops along the strip”.

As for motorists worried about slower trips, IOB estimate the reduced speed limit would add 1.5 to two minutes to their journey.

The petition is online at

It has 110 signatures and once it reaches 200, IOB will be sending it to Main Roads and Stirling council.


One response to “Beaufort Street petition

  1. Getting in and out of Tenth Ave, I live there, now I just go a different way, it is really dangerous and the road planning did not address our concerns, soon it will be construction site, so only get worse.

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