Letters 6.5.17

Roman councils
THE article “Marriage equality push at Bayswater” (Voice, April 29, 2017) proves what many people believe about all local councils — they have an inflated opinion of their own importance.
This is no doubt why so many councils fought against amalgamation.
They wanted to be empire builders.
What’s next, Bayswater? Declaring war on North Korea?
A country of only 23 million people do not need three tiers of government.
Patrick F
Blythe Ave, Yokine

More pork on your Baysy fork
“WETLANDS boost” (Voice, April 29, 2017) was the headline, but it should have been “Pork boost”.
The subject land needs to be reclassified under the Metropolitan Region Scheme, from urban to parks and recreation.
The minister for planning needs to tell the WA Planning Commission to proceed with the MRS minor amendment, which requires advertising, as requested by the city late last year.
If this land and adjacent land is not reclassified the community could be on the streets again when DAP approves a motel development on another portion of Riverside Gardens.
The simplistic pork barrel undermines even further the credibility of the town planning process — it is a given that poor process leads to poor product.
The D’Orazio/Carter subdivision being a perfect example of poor process leading to poor product:
1. City of Bayswater not advertising the proposed subdivision prior to making a recommendation to the WAPC.
2. WAPC approving the subdivision against the recommendation of the City of Bayswater.
3. No rigorous assessment of the former use of the site as a rubbish tip (asbestos).
4. Bushfire exit plan via neighbours property without access provision.
Please, Lisa Baker and Rita Saffioti, use town panning and the MRS improvement fund for it’s correct purpose .
In conclusion, I object to my rates being used to purchase regional open space and this is especially objectionable when I know the WAPC has $50 million in the fund, and it was created for the specific purpose of implementing the MRS, and buying land, reserved under the MRS, for inter alia regional open space.
Greg Smith (town planner)
Rose Avenue, Bayswater

An enigma wrapped inside a Bill
THERE’S need to point out that an understanding of “Wider scrutiny needed” (Voice letters, April 29, 2017) can be a challenge.
This for anyone who hadn’t read the story ‘Monkeying around’ in the Perth Voice the previous week.
An introductory link was removed.
Respected, of course, is the editor’s prerogative.
Deep peace of the running wave be with you all.
Ron Willis
First Ave, Mt Lawley

Garden neglected
ONE would think that a local authority dedicated to positive community action would leap at an opportunity to serve its ratepayers, particularly when it’s a community garden helped along by one of Bayswater’s most active and community-minded persons (“Out on a Lim”, Voice, April 29, 2017)
Instead the City of Bayswater seems over-reliant on the report of a staffer and have cast doubt on the garden’s future.   Wouldn’t it have been appropriate for council members to have visited the site, met with the people who are dedicated to the community garden’s survival, and seen for themselves.
I say: “Give Pat Lim and her dedicated community gardeners a helping hand thereby giving positive signals that will encourage participation”.
Vince McCudden
Almondbury Street,

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