A born leader

• Rachel Zombor. Photo by Olivia Mitchell

NORTH Perth resident Rachel Zombor is preparing to travel to Antarctica with 80 of the world’s most promising female leaders as part of Homeward Bound.

Following a competitive worldwide selection process, 80 women with scientific backgrounds will participate in a 12-month leadership program, culminating in a three-week voyage to Antarctica, which will push their leadership skills to the limit.

Following a conversation with her father about gender inequality in the workplace and after watching footage from last year’s Homeward Bound, Zombor was itching to get her snowshoes on.

“The more I read, the more amazing I thought it was,” she says.

It aims to better equip women with the skills they need to be leaders, and for women in scientific fields to gain more recognition.

The program is extremely hard to get into, but this year five women from WA were accepted. The participants are diverse and include experienced career woman and those just starting out in the workplace.

“One of the philosophies of the course is a non-hierarchical environment”, Zombor says.

The trip itself is partly funded, but participants have to fundraise $16,000 and pay their own airfares.

Zombor says finding sponsors and crowd-funding are an important part of the experience as it encourages participants to be pro-active and self-sufficient.

“The trip is really looking at the issues around gender inequality,” she says.

Zombor doesn’t have any set goals she wants to achieve, but is keeping an open mind and hopes to glean as much as she can from the trip.

She leaves for Antarctica on February 18 next year.


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