Blue-thumbs wanted

KEEPING gardens green has wrought havoc on Perth’s rivers, as fertiliser run off enters drains and causes algal blooms in the Swan and Canning Rivers.

The problem is particularly bad at Maylands foreshore, so environmental scientist and TV gardener Josh Byrne is running a free workshop at Bayswater council to teach residents how to keep a healthy garden without threatening the health of the river.

He’ll advise on the best plants for your garden, hydrozoning (grouping plants with similar watering needs to cut down on overwatering) and designing your irrigation efficiently, along with responsible fertiliser use and alternatives to the old phosphorus-laden fertilisers.

Gardeners can also find out the best way to support local biodiversity and keep a garden that local birds and bees enjoy.

The two hour workshop’s free but you’ll need to register at, or call 0488 311 090.

It will be held at the Bayswater Civic Centre, May 24, from 6.30pm.

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