A Family  Practice

SPINAL HEALTH WEEK 2017: May 22 to 28.

National Chiropractic Spinal Health Week begins on Monday 26th May, with this year’s theme based around Chronic Back Pain. At Marslen Chiropractic the whole family shares the responsibility of caring for patients. Dr Stephanie has recently graduated as a Chiropractor from Murdoch University, and joins her parents, Doctors Greg and Andrea in the practice. Combined there is more than 65 years of experience providing Chiropractic care for the Perth community.

“Up to 50% of people attending Chiropractors will be complaining of back pain. Most people come to see us with more than one problem and so we always take a holistic view, looking at the person as a whole,” said Stephanie”. “The way we sit, move, sleep, work and play can all affect the health of the spine, and certain lifestyle behaviours make us more prone to various problems. We work with our patients, helping them to become more aware of things they may be inadvertently doing to cause the pain. Whether you are young or old, prevention is key.” Marslen Chiropractic will be offering complimentary spinal screenings during Spinal Health Week. Visit the clinic’s Facebook page for more information.

Marslen Chiropractic
1A/168 Guildford Rd, Maylands
Phone 9371 7633

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