LETTERS 10.6.17

• After many failed attempts, Voice cartoonist Chatfield finally got one of his cartoons accepted by The New Yorker. Above is one of the many cartoons that we think is great, but didn’t quite make the NY cut.

Silent majority
I WOULD like to comment on Sonia Gurrin’s Speaker’s Corner in the Voice (“Love and ‘marriage’,” June 3, 2017).
I feel that her article is misleading and only speaks to one side of the story.
I don’t believe that 65 per cent of Australians agree with marriage equality.
I believe there are many who disagree, but because it is not politically correct to say so, or just because they have never been asked, we don’t hear from these people and their opinions. I also don’t agree that they don’t want to have their say on this issue.
In fact, I feel that on something of this great importance, everyone should get the chance to have a say.
What do the LGBTI community have to lose?
If they are right and the majority agrees, then it will come clear through a plebiscite.
But at least we will have decided together and we will all have the chance to decide in a democratic way if this is what we want.
The Liberal government was voted in on the promise that they would run a plebiscite.
If that is not proof enough that this is what the Australian people want, then I am not sure what is?
It would be great if the Voice could run a similar article speaking to the arguments for keeping our definition of marriage as it is.
I think in this debate, we all deserve to hear both sides of the story.
Anthea Smith,
Voice reader

Scotch mist
RE: John Carey’s call for ideas to revitalise East and West Perth (‘Reach for the summit’, Voice, June 3, 2017).
Where exactly is the ‘lake of vibrancy’ referred to in the article?
I, for one, would like to dip my toe in.
I’m assuming it’s not the one in Hyde park as that consists mainly of sludge, so has Lake Monger been rebranded?
And people call Perth dull.
Milo Bell
Walcott Street, North Perth

Pie in the sky
THIS is a formal complaint regarding the letter you published on May 27, 2017, titled, ‘Keep Politics out of Council’.
Fred David clearly spells out who he is addressing when he separates the 98 per cent (straight) from the two per cent (gay), before encouraging any of the 98 per cent to “shove a pie in the face of the two per cent”.
In light of the recent incident involving Qantas CEO Alan Joyce and the criminal charge of assault levelled against the offender by WA Police, it seems Mr David is inciting similar violent acts to be perpetuated against anyone perceived to be of the ‘two per cent’.
I applaud your decision to publish Mr David’s letter as I believe in an open dialogue, even when it’s this hateful.
However, I have written to the WA Police, the Australian Human Rights Commission, and the NSW Gay and Lesbian Lobby seeking clarification as to whether charges can be pursued against Mr David along the lines of “Inciting to Violence”.
He can hate ‘disgusting’ gays all he likes, but if he seeks violent assault against members of the LGBTI community then I cannot leave that unchallenged.
Dallas Robertson
PO Box, Inglewood
The Ed says: In our experience, trying to silence the Mr Davids of the world through punitive measures as you’ve suggested doesn’t change attitudes, it hardens them. It also gives them the opportunity to claim to be the victim of oppression, thereby muddying the argument. We’d rather he be free to make his comments and hope that perhaps someone of influence in his life might see his letter and quietly give him so food for thought. We felt his letter was clearly making a cultural reference rather than a call to pie arms. 

Taxing times
TELL Landgate the boom is over
Landgate sets the GRV (gross rental values) for WA.
It is supposedly reviewed triennially for the metro area and every three to five years for country areas. Perth metro was last reviewed August 1, 2012.Perth’s economic bonanza from the mining boom is over. Landgate is two years late in a review, placing undue stress on struggling households.
Land tax, water rates, EMS (emergency services levy) and council rates are all calculated from the GRV valuation.
No doubt the lateness in the review is due to the impact it would have on the state coffers from the current rental market in Perth.
Local governments set the minimum rate for properties inside their boundaries. In effect the smallest properties carry a disproportionately large share of the rates load.
M Whitworth
Caribbean Drive, Safety Bay

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