self-cleaning toilets

Vincent mayor Emma Cole has admitted she’s not convinced about the merits of self-cleaning toilets. After waiting 10 minutes for the toilet outside Leedy HQ to finish it’s cleaning cycle recently, Voice photographer Steve Grant was taken aback to find the finished product looked like it had hosted an out of control gathering, with cigarette butts, toilet paper and other earthy substances floating through an inch-thick puddle.

We asked Ms Cole if she thought it was value for money given a self-cleaner will set the council back a hundred grand or so, and she admitted to not being their biggest fan. Ms Cole said while in an ideal world the council would be able to wash its hands of the toilets, but says in certain locations and circumstances they could provide a useful service.

Have you got any self-cleaner horror stories? We’d love to hear about them. Send them to There’s a roll of recyclable toilet paper up for grabs for the most stomach-churning yarn.

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