School backflip

LABOR has back-flipped on plans to move Perth Modern to the city, proposing a new school near Subiaco Oval instead.

Plans to make PM an inner-city high-rise were dumped after an outcry from the community, including Save Perth Modern, which obtained over 13,000 signatures opposing the move.

The new school, Inner City College, will be at Kitchener Park and have access to Subiaco Oval, which will be turned into a shared community facility, as part of the wider redevelopment of Subiaco Oval precinct.

• WA premier Mark McGowan and his Labor team unveil plans for a new inner-city school in Subiaco. Photo supplied

Perth Labor MP John Carey says the government’s change of heart reflected the community’s desire to “retain Perth Modern as is.”

“I’m proud that this government listened to community and responded; we are not embarrassed we changed our position, we listened to the community,” he says.

“We are still delivering on our commitment for an inner-city high school which is much needed for the city,” he told the Voice.

Mr Carey said more schools were needed in inner-city areas as the the estimated population growth in Perth city over the next 10 years was 50 per cent.

Mount Lawley Labor MP Simon Millman says the new school at Subiaco would help relieve enrolment pressure on inner-city schools like Mount Lawley High, which were bursting at the seams. Liberal shadow education minister Donna Faragher called, “on the government to not repeat their mistakes by rushing into a policy for a school at Kitchener Park.”


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