War on waste

BAYSWATER cafe Cool Breeze has set a new benchmark for reducing waste, handing over just one bin bag to the garbos after a busy weekend’s trade.

Owner Giorgia Johnson said after the ABC War on Waste series, there was a groundswell in interest in waste reduction from staff and customers at her Riverside Gardens pop-up cafe.

“Over a weekend we’d normally fill up a 240 litre bin,” she says.

This weekend it was just one bag she reckons was about the size of her dog.

She says two local companies have been instrumental in helping her cut down on waste.

• Cool Breeze Cafe owner Giorgia Johnson serves up Catherine and Jack Lax’s shake in a compostable cup. She’s cut her Cool Breeze’s waste output by over 80 per cent. Photo by Steve Grant

East Perth local Carly Hardy’s startup business Kooda provides subscribers with a bucket to fill with food waste.

When the customer hits the “I’m full” button on the app, Kooda staff come to pick the waste up, take it away, and turn it into compost.

For inner-city types with no backyard for composting or worm farming, it keeps their food scraps out of the bin and stops them from going to landfill and belching out greenhouse gases.

And if you have potplants to feed, Kooda can drop compost back at your house.

With far too many coffee grains to stick in her own garden, Ms Johnson says Kooda’s buckets massively reduce her weekly rubbish output.

She has also teamed up with inventor Daniel Grosso, who’s working on a Go2Cup that has been trialled by Cool Breeze Cafe over the past few months.

The sturdy Go2Cup can be returned to the cafe, where the company picks them up, washes them, and gives them back to the cafe for reuse. In the past few months they’ve stopped thousands of cups from winding up in landfill.

“About 80 per cent of our sales are in Go2Cups now,” Ms Johnson says.

Keep-it-cups—the ones you wash yourself and keep using—have also become popular.  “Since the War on Waste program more people are using them…we might have had one cup a day [before], now we have 20,” Ms Johnson says.


One response to “War on waste

  1. This is all so great. If we all do a little to help it turns into alot. I work for a company called Fooduction. We are trying to educate people how they can help cut down on food waste from restaurants. So go on facebook or google us and help save on food waste one meal at a time.

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