AFTER years of negotiations between councils, state and federal governments there’s finally some action on the diabolical Beaufort Street/Walcott Street intersection,  with a trial restricting right turns in an effort to reduce prangs and increase pedestrian safety (it’s the eighth most dangerous intersection in WA according to the RAC). It was one of the election commitments of both federal Perth MP Tim Hammond and state Mt Lawley MP Simon Millman, and Mr Hammond is calling it “a massive victory for local pedestrians and road users”. The 12 month trial will monitor surrounding streets to see if the ban results in more rat-running as people avoid the intersection.

• Tim Hammond and Simon Millman at the infamous Beaufort and Walcott Streets intersection.

A MASSIVE community engagement project by Vincent council has been launched, asking residents to “Imagine Vincent” as it grows during the next 10 years. The council wants to hear from locals on everything from a growing population, making it easier and safer to get around, and how local businesses can be supported. It’ll inform the council’s Strategic Community Plan from 2018 to 2028. Head to or call 9273 6500.

A VOICE reader took issue with our use of the word “fatwa” in our recent article on local councils planning to ban plastic bags. Reader Alex Gramatkovski wrote in saying: “I’m not very happy with the use of Arabic word “fatwa” being used in a WA news article. We speak English in this country, not Arabic. The article’s main point was to ban plastic bags… and had no Arabic or Muslim reference whatsoever. I would much appreciate if you would refrain from using such words in the future unless the reference is needed”. We told Mr Gramatkovski the Chook likes to occasionally pepper in some foreign words to add a bit of colour, from our reportage of various committee powwows across the four council demesnes we cover, to developers being given carte blanche and planning approvals being a fait accompli.

STEER clear of the East Perth station footbridge next weekend—it’ll be closed for 34 hours (June 30  8pm to July 2 6am) as part of the $25 million station upgrade. Two big sections of the new concourse are being craned into place. The station gets about 200 boardings on a typical Saturday but the weekend will be a busy one with a lot of rugby fans heading to Perth Stadium. The Public Transport Authority says they’ll be better off using Claisebrook station “and avoid East Perth altogether”.

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