Bozo burglar bungles break-in

A FECKLESS, cold-hearted burglar has attempted to break into the homeless support charity “The Shopfront” in Maylands.

The Shopfront serves up meals for the homeless, gives them free clothing and bedding, a place to have a shower and do their laundry, and connects them to health services.

The charity is not open on the weekend, and on Saturday June 10 at about 3.30pm a man attempted to break in to the Whatley Crescent site with an “unknown object’, according to WA Police.

He tried it on the front door, the back door, and a roller door—but failed to get in.

• Police want to speak to this man about an attempted break-in at “The Shopfront” in Maylands.

Then he tried to break into two vehicles parked there.

He ballsed that up too.

The five-time unsuccessful looter was described as light skinned, 20-25, medium build, short brown hair with a goatie, and was wearing a shirt with a big “8” on it.

Police are offering a reward for information about the attempted break-in: call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 and quote reference number 8563.


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