Souper Vincent

A NOT-FOR-PROFIT is taking inspiration from Detroit and holding a soup and ideas night to raise cash to improve Vincent.

Punters pay $10 for a bowl of soup and a vote, and during the meal they listen to four-minute pitches from people working on projects that help the local community.

• The Paddo’s Nathan Williams considers Transition Town Vincent’s Meagan Parry pitch while the pub’s chef Brendon Burrow can’t wait to tuck into his soup Photo by Steve Grant

The Detroit SOUP nights started in the US five years ago—raising cash for public art projects, urban farms and social justice causes—and were held in winter.

Transition Town Vincent, a not-for-profit group who shares ideas about sustainability and self-sufficiency, is hosting its own “Vincent Neighbourhood SOUP” at the Paddington Alehouse (and owner Neil Randall says he’s got head chef Brendon Burrow making an “organic leak and potato soup with crusty bread roll drizzled with a touch of truffle oil”).

• Folk help themselves to some hearty broth at one of the original SOUP nights in Detroit.

Every diner gets a vote and the winning project takes home the ticket sales, called a microgrant, for that night.

If you have an idea that would help the community they’re still open to pitches via

It’s on July 24 at 6pm and if you want to head along for a meal and a vote, get your ticket from Eventbrite at (or search “Vincent Neighbourhood SOUP” on Eventbrite).


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