Smooth  Transition

While most Perth school children are heading into term 3 this week, next week at the International School of Western Australia (ISWA), a brand new school year is beginning.

For the first time, the returning Year 6 students have an even more exciting year ahead, as ISWA has developed a year-long high school transition program, to help the students seamlessly adapt to the challenges of high school. As part of the transition program ISWA subject specialists from ISWA’s secondary school will team-teach with the Year 6 teacher for selected units of enquiry in maths, English, science, STEM and humanities.

ISWA Principal Maria Coate commented:

“At ISWA we’re committed to progressive education, and so we’re very excited to launch this Year 6 Transition Program. Whilst staying true to the International Baccalaureate’s inquiry based model for Primary learning, this transition year enables us to offer greater support to students whilst increasing their academic rigour, gently preparing them for the different teaching and learning expectations of secondary school. Our student wellbeing team will work closely with students in the program to ensure that their academic, social and emotional needs are recognised and supported, to help them move towards the more independent style of learning that high school demands.”

For enrolment enquiries please phone
Community Relations Manager on 9285 1144.
International School of Western Australia

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