LETTERS 29.7.17

Not much garden in city
THE failure of Bayswater council to adopt even a voluntary significant tree register for trees on private land is pathetic.
Bayswater mayor Barry McKenna and deputy mayor Stephanie Coates are acting like the previous mayor and deputy mayor; both of whom came across as tree-haters.
At the last election we got rid of those two and hopefully any elector who likes trees will do the same at the October local government election.
Given this voting behaviour I have determined that I cannot continue to be just a community/town planning activist.
I must get on council and vote for the city to live up to its Garden City name and to preserve its amenity, built form and trees.
Greg Smith
Rose Avenue, Bayswater

Make the difference
A NEW study has found that there are four things we, as individuals, can do to combat climate change: have less (or no) children, ditch our cars, avoid air travel and move to a plant-based diet.
The report says that other tactics such as recycling, using your own shopping bags, changing your light bulbs to energy efficient varieties and doing your laundry in cold water garnered almost tokenistic results by comparison.
Now, most of us only decide on procreation once or twice in a lifetime; we might buy a car every few years, and we may fly a handful of times a year.
But we make decisions on our eating habits three times a day (sometimes more), and that is an empowering thought.
According to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, it takes up to 10 kg of grain to produce just one kilogram of meat, while more than 90 per cent of all Amazon rainforest land cleared since 1970 is being used for grazing livestock.
The Worldwatch Institute reports that a staggering 51 percent or more of global greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture.
Try going veg for your next meal.
There’s plenty of support on the PETA website.
You’ll not only reduce your carbon footprint, but you’ll improve your health and help save animals from horrific deaths.
And the best news: you can make that difference three times a day!
Desmond Bellamy
Byron Bay

Cop this, McGowan
THE broken promise by premier McGowan and the police minister Ms Roberts over the 1.5 per cent increase for our police officers is a shame.
A token offer of $1000 for their pay increase is totally unacceptable, considering what they have to deal with 24/7.
Our police are the only thing standing between the criminals and the community and the McGowan government thinks that’s not worth much.
You are asking everybody to take a pay cut and accept increase charges.
The community don’t want lawlessness either.
We want our police officer to be treated with respect and get what you promise them before and during the election and they also want a quick resolve to their workers compensation policy.
They need to be looked after they are injured while doing their duties.
Steven Cruden
Witts Lane, Kwinana Town Centre

Beat the count
MY thanks to the two young women who helped regain my feet after I came a cropper in the wet.
Briefly, it looked worse than was the case.
Lucky to escape with only bloodletting and a black eye.
Most difficult aspect of the episode came in persuading my rescuers not to call for an ambulance.
And now, my bravado explanation: an angry husband.
Peace of the running wave be with you all.
Ron Willis
First Ave, Mt Lawley

Congratulations, Ron Willis! You’ve won our letter of the week competition and a $50 lunch voucher from The Terrace Hotel Restaurant, 237 St Georges Terrace. We hope some good quality tucker cheers you up and expedites your recovery.  If you would like to be in the running for letter of the week, make sure you email us your ripper at news@perthvoice.com.

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