Tower facelift

THE area around Stirling Towers is looking brighter following the completion of a locally-inspired mural led by the rebadged Department of Communities (Housing).

More than 20 members from the local community, and others from as far as Scarborough and Kalamunda, joined in the community art project to help bring life to the temporary fencing installed in Highgate.

Mt Lawley artist Mel McVee, who facilitated the Smith Street mural last year, was again engaged by Housing to help deliver the new art piece that captured the positive themes and vibrant character of Highgate’s people, plants and wildlife.

Stirling Street resident Robert Epiro lives directly opposite Stirling Towers, and was pleased to see the blank temporary fencing transformed into a vibrant piece of art.

“I mentioned to the Housing Authority that I’d like to see something done with the temporary fencing along Stirling Street, like what was done on the other side of the Towers on Smith Street,” Mr Epiro said.

“The resulting artwork looks great and reflects the area and character of Highgate nicely.

“Hopefully we can see both fences somehow incorporated into the future development area.”

Housing has confirmed it will look into retaining the panels following the eventual decommissioning of the fence for other future display purposes.

Mt Lawley resident Susie Griffin brought her son Leo and nephew Angus to participate in the mural painting, and said it was great to see so many other people involved.

“It was fantastic, and the kids loved it,” she said.

“Some of the adults were even impressed that they could join in as I think they thought it was just for the kids.

“The kids could not believe that they could actually paint on the wall and, when they walked past a few weeks later, were so proud their work was on show for the public to see.”

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