Vincent business goes to the dogs

BUSINESS is going to the dogs in Vincent thanks to an updated local law approved by the council this week.

The council has cut a long-standing section of its Dog Act banning pooches from going into shops—providing they aren’t an indoor cafe—and may use the initiative to promote the city as a mutt-friendly shopping destination, says mayor Emma Cole.

Ms Cole says the council already turns a blind eye to a few businesses that have been technically flouting the rules, and it’s good the updated law will mean they won’t end up in the doghouse.

“We were looking at putting together online maps or a doggy trail, but for now we need to get the information out to businesses to gauge their reaction,” she says.

Vincent has one of the highest per-capita rate of dog ownership in Perth.

The updated law, which is to be sent out for consultation before it can become official, will see the demise of the historic position of pound keeper. That role, which has origins dating back to the 18th century, will go to a less colourful-sounding “authorised person”.


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