Anti-social summit 

BAYSWATER police have held a community meeting in Maylands following a wave of anti-social behaviour in the suburb’s business district.

The area, especially Eighth Ave, has improved in leaps and bounds in recent years with swank new venues and high quality retailers opening up, but aggressive behaviour from unsavoury characters is turning punters off.

With the economy struggling, thuggish behaviour seems worse this year, and at least two business owners have been assaulted, while councillor Catherine Ehrhardt was attacked earlier this year at the park in front of the Rise.

One business owner told the meeting she’d seen a customer pull up on the street, but before she’d even turned the car’s engine off a grumpy character was knocking on her window demanding money. The woman drove off.

There’s a few plans around the corner to help with issues on Eighth Avenue: Labor’s pledged about $80,000 for CCTV and better lighting, and Bayswater council’s signed a one-year trial contract with Noongar Patrol that’s soon to start (though the problems down there aren’t Noongar exclusive, with one of the most problematic characters a white male who’s known for shouting all the horrible things he wants to do to children).

Cr Ehrhardt says she’d also like to see the PTA install turnstiles at Maylands station to prevent people getting off without a ticket.

But she says any single solution will just move the problem elsewhere, and there has to be a broad approach from all levels of government and community.


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