Arty auction in Northbridge

WILLIAM STREET art space Paper Mountain hosts its annual art auction with the opening night this Friday August 4.

Paper Mountain’s been running since 2011 providing a space for local artists to showcase their work and develop their talent. Dozens of artists including Andy Quilty, Nathan Beard and Jo Darvall have donated works to raise funds for the centre.

• Artworks by Jo Darvall, Andy Quilty and Nathan Beard that are up for auction at Paper Mountain on Friday night.

Quilty, an award winning artist who donated three self portrait studies, says a space like Paper Mountain is vital for younger artist: “Many older, established artists have their own home studios. For this generation a home studio is not going to happen. I mean, I barely have enough space for a spare room at my own home. I think younger artists have it tough, which is why a space like this is so important”.

The auction’s showrunner Jennifer Garland says, “in many ways Paper Mountain offers ‘a space between’. There are other arts initiatives in Perth, but not many, and then obviously the established art galleries in the Cultural Centre. Paper Mountain occupies that gap in offering a space for both emerging and established interdisciplinary artists to showcase their work.”

Entry’s free and it runs 6pm to 10.30pm (and if you get your Voice delivered really early there’s a preview and silent bidding August 3, 9.30am to 7pm).

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