Cr hanging up her coate

BAYSWATER councillor Stephanie Coates won’t re-contest her west ward seat at the local government elections in October.

When Ms Coates was elected in 2013 her kids were two, four and six years old, and in bed by 7pm when the meetings started.

Now the kids are staying up later and the meetings are starting earlier.

“I am also keen to see my husband a bit more than I have in the past four years,” Cr Coates says.

“He has been very stoic and has been my rock of support and I am very grateful to him.”

There’s already a few people interested in running for Baysy council and Cr Coates, who’s not a member of a political party, says “I hope more people who are independent consider running, as the subject matter of council—parks, playgrounds, footpaths, planning, riverbank restoration [and] festivals to name a few—is very tangible and should not be impacted upon by political persuasions”.

• Cr Stephanie Coates is leaving Bayswater council to spend more time with her family. File

In her time on council she’s pushed for a better Bayswater town centre—moving a motion to use consultants to get a detailed town structure plan to guide future development—and also kickstarted the engagement sessions that saw the birth of the Baysie Rollers, a group of residents and traders who were keen to spruce up the town.

She also moved the parklets policy in November 2016 and pushed for the installation of the pedestrian crossing at a busy section of Guildford Road, near local schools.

And while Bayswater council’s greener these days, Cr Coates was into the pro-tree movement before it was cool, having a voting record of preserving trees dating back to December 2013 (just two months after being elected) when she tried to stop four swamp mahogany trees being pulled out of a Law Street block.

“I have been really happy to see the changes the council has made on the tree front,” she says.

“In time, the next generation will reap the benefits of all the tree planting we are undertaking.

“I may run again in the future, if it is the right move for my family.”


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